• Let’s switch senses

    We invite you to work together, for the benefit of people with disabilities. Following our idea come to the conclusion that your seemingly full efficiency can not compete with the capabilities of the blind man. But we can try to check our senses -this is possible  by showdown, special kind of sport.
    Let us promote and develop the sport activities of our communities that will allow us to integrate
    You are most welcome to work together, to give you all the help and explanations.
    Let’s switch senses

-looking environments in their countries of blind, disabled, wheelchair users (rules of the game allow you to participate in a game that just people, but also people quite smooth and well-sighted)

-looking for funds to purchase the equipment needed to engage in sporting activities described

-we provide the necessary equipment in place designated by you- we inform about the rules of the game

-you are able to organize a game, tournaments on all possible levels


Showdown is a fast-moving sport originally designed for people with a visual impirment, but you don´t have to be blind to play! Sometimes it is mistakenly referred to as table tennis for the blind because it is a table game. However, it does not have courts marked on the table, therefore points are scored by hitting the ball into a goal pocket. Sighted people and those with disabling conditions other than blindness find this game challenging.